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Yu E -Shana Zhao

Yu E Shana Zhao

  • Damage insurance broker

À propos de moi

Loving what I do, I persistently work on developing my insurance knowledge every day. I am always honest with my clients about the coverages I offer and listen attentively to better understand their needs and expectations. I try my best to find suitable solutions and provide them with quality service.

4 avantages de faire affaire avec moi

I work for you

I will work for your personal needs and recommend the best coverage based on your situation. I will guide you through confusing and stressful claim processes and answer any questions that you may have.

Attentive and understandings

I listen to and understand your insurance requirements and will offer impartial advice on the coverage that is right for your needs and budget.

The above and beyond factor

Every customer is different, and every customer has needs. I provide a personalised service that is proactive, informative, and I always make sure my customers are satisfied.

Access to a wide market of insurers

I have access to the biggest and most reputable insurance companies in Canada, allowing me to provide the best insurance products for all my customer

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Yu E Shana Zhao

  • Damage insurance broker
1955 Ch. De La Côte-de-Liesse Suite 201 St-Laurent QC, H4N 3A8

Yu E -phoneTéléphone (514) 447-7997 x360

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