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Customer focus and centricity is one of the most important aspects for our Brokers at assurUni. Their task is to provide high quality care and service with a nearly perfect coverage to make sure that their customers are entirely satisfied and have a total peace of mind.
Gratified customers becomes the business’ strength.

Personal Insurance

At AssurUni, you can get personal insurance coverage from Canada’s largest home and auto insurance companies. Get a quote online or call us at 1-833-337-3733.

Commercial insurance

Make the best decision for your business and get the support of a broker who takes the time to fully understand your needs. Let us help you protect it. your business with the best coverage possible.

Ontario Insurance

At assurUni, we are licensed to serve all Ontario-based customers. Whether it is for your home, vehicle, commercial property or liability insurance coverage, managing your risk should not be a daily concern. Our brokers are there to help you find the coverage that meets your needs.

Featured partners

Our partnerships with the biggest and most reputable insurance companies in Canada allow our independent brokers to provide you with the right coverages at very competitive rates.

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About us

Our business has rapidly grown to the forefront of the insurance industry

We operate in a friendly and personalised environment by applying both a professional and human approach to our work. This allows our brokers to carefully respond to the insurance needs of each client while remaining competitive with the largest direct insurers. Between our professional network and growing industry, we believe the support and continuous training of our brokers will allow assurUni to continuously provide the high-quality services that customers expect and deserve.

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