Welcome to assurUni, assurUni was established in 2018 to meet the demands of brokers that display a sense of entrepreneurship. Our team is dedicated to the brokers interested in independently developing their career in damage insurance and building their own book of business, and is structured and aligned to help you achieve those goals. We have built our success by sharing an entrepreneurial philosophy with our brokers, and we will continue to do so through our unique services. Like our brokers, we make every effort to properly meet the needs of an ever-growing clientele. Our model and work environment are significantly different than most brokerage firms. We work as a team and provide our brokers with support to successfully sustain growth and expand their own brokerage firm. And much of assurUni’s growth can be attributed to the dedicated staff who focus on growing your business and helping you along the way. Ultimately, our goal is to become the number one choice for independent brokers in Quebec and achieve interprovincial growth to provide the opportunity for Ontario independent brokers to join our network. I invite you to contact us and communicate with one of our team members to further discuss the opportunities available to you. We look forward to welcoming you among our valued brokers!

Yours sincerely,
Jimmy W. Barbour,