Commercial insurance

Are you a business owner? We can insure your business according to applicable standards. Our brokers will analyze your industry requirements, recommend specific coverages for your needs and provide recommendations on all essential protections. We serve all types of businesses, whether local, national or international and provide a variety of insurance products.


Trucking and warehousing

It is not enough to organize a shipment. You must also protect your fleet of vehicles, the goods both before, during and after shipment. This is where insurance comes in.



Whether specialized general entrepreneurs, construction insurance or wrap up, our knowledgeable brokers will provide you with the best possible coverage advice for your exposure.

Special events

Are you hosting a single/multi day event, a wedding or a sporting event and seeking coverage? Find out what solution is available.

Media and entertainment

One size does not fit all. Whether it is a film production or live event, the range of activities, techniques, personnel and equipment vary and require different insurance solutions.


Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers

Every product you manufacture, distribute or sell represents you and your company. But once that product is in consumer’s hand, you may be liable for the way they use - or misuse - it. That is why we are here to assess the risks you may be exposed to when your product leave your hands.


Small and medium sized business

Operating a small or medium business is a challenging venture at any time, but in these tough economic times, any financial loss can be a serious threat. Find out how we can mitigate your risk.


Technology and communications

Do you develop software, websites or applications? Are you a computer consultant or a supplier connected to technology services? We offer and advise clients on a variety of coverage designed specifically for your industry.


Commercial landlords

Our professional brokers are experts in the field. Whether it is a residential or commercial income property, senior residence or even a large property portfolio, our brokers will advise you and recommend the best coverage options.


Property managers

If you manage any property, then you need the right insurance to guarantee that you are properly covered. We protect you against a wide variety of lawsuits, claims and damages.


Importers and exporters

Businesses face risks that could threaten their success. Risk is defined as the probability of an event and its consequences. Risk management aims to identify what could go wrong, assess the risks to be addressed and implement policies to deal with them. Companies that have assessed risks will be better equipped and have a more efficient way to manage them.


Professional services business

No matter what kind of professional you are, your insurance needs are unique. Everyday your business is subject to multiple threats. That’s why you need the right coverage.



As a jeweler, you know the meaning of "precious"! Your store and all its content are more than precious. Be prepared for the unexpected. We provide several coverages plans for your business.


Risk management

Risk management involves taking steps to minimize the likelihood of things going wrong. Find out more how assurUni can help.

Do you currently have problems getting insured?

Do not let a criminal record, cancellation for non-payment, frequency of prior accidents, license suspension or a non-standard creditor prevent you from obtaining insurance coverage. assurUni has the solution you need and offers very advantageous payment terms for this protection.

Your broker, right insurance!