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Since my debut, a decade ago, I have been determined to be an industry leader. Being one of the rare Multi- provinces broker, I have been able to build a large & strongly diversified network. With a profound passion for the industry and an uncanny determination towards my clients, I welcome every risk as my own and only rest once satisfaction is surpassed.

4 avantages de faire affaire avec moi

Knowledge and Experience

I have a strong knowledge of the insurance industry and provide my customers with a custom-made coverage, that are suited to their needs whether it is personal or for their business.

Network of choice

I can help you and your business connect with a diversified network of professionals. Providing insurance in both Quebec and Ontario has enabled me to connect with different entrepreneurs from different sectors.

The above and beyond factor-

Every customer is different, and every customer has needs. I provide a personalised service that is proactive, informative, and I always make sure my customers are satisfied.

Access to a wide market of insurers

I have access to the biggest and most reputable insurance companies in Canada, allowing me to provide the best insurance products for all my customers.

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Maher Choufani

  • Damage insurance broker
1955 Ch. De La Côte-de-Liesse Suite 201 St-Laurent QC, H4N 3A8

Maher-phoneTéléphone (514) 447-7997 x301

Mobile (514) 447-7915


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